Vill du ha min sorg?

Do you want my grief,
Please for a moment,
Take it please,
Hold it next to your heart,
Feel it burn and tear you apart,
Please I beg of you,
Ease my mind,
Give me sleep for just one night,
Get the flashbacks, the heartstopping pangs,
The helplessness from losing my way,
Can you feel my grief,
Hold it close,
It will bring you to your knees,
Your soul will yell, it will scream
Can you hear it below while it takes your peace
Your body aches, your mind stands still
You live in the past, where things were real
Help me friend,
I ask of you
Take this grief for a day or two
Just long enough so I can clear my head
So I can pretend my child is not dead

Written by: Charla Norman

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